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ANN: Beta of the Database Designer for MySQL 2.1.8 is out!

This beta introduces brand new SSH tunneling machinery out of the box! No
3rd party solutions should be installed. Also, there is a more flexible
solution for columns default values implemented. From now and on developer
may control if these values are quoted or not, allowing set empty strings
or function values as defaults.

Full change log:
[!] Brand new SSH tunneling introduced
[+] Option to quote or not default values for domains and columns added
[*] Model file format changed. Notice generated for old models on Open

You're welcome to download the Database Designer for MySQL 2.1.8-beta right
now at:

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support
Ticketing system available at

Aleksandr Andreev
MicroOLAP Technologies LTD