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Re: parallel installations of mysql

> From: Reindl Harald <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Am 03.07.2016 um 04:47 schrieb Martin Mueller:
>> If port 3306 is taken, how is one supposed to know that 3307 is a good alternative? Why not 3317 or 3703
> seriously?
> when this is your point about bad documentation than you just don't have a point

I have to agree.

If you really insist on this path, it would be good to take a course in UNIX system administration. Then you’ll understand ports better.

People who understand UNIX have little trouble with MySQL on the Mac. But people who only understand Mac OS using GUI tools have a bit of a distorted view of what it takes to install, operate, and support various UNIX tools — including MySQL.

I still don’t fully understand your reasoning for insisting on two instances. Have you considered simply having two *databases* within the same MySQL process space? That should make things MUCH simpler, and faster, too!

With two instances, you’ll be using two heaps, two stacks, and you should consider doubling your physical memory, if you’re doing anything intensive. And if you aren’t doing anything intensive, there really isn’t any need for two identical processes.

Another thing to consider to make the whole exercise simpler is to get another Mac. A used Mac Mini is pretty cheap! An older Mac that the university has “discarded” will do just fine for light MySQL use. Just put them both on fixed 10.*.*.* addresses. (After consulting with your IT folk, of course, if they’ll also be on the university LAN.) It is MUCH SIMPLER to talk to instances on different machines than to keep straight multiple instances on the same machine.

So, rather than ask for advice to implement your proposed solution, why not describe your problem more fully? Perhaps there are simpler solutions that people could more easily walk you through than helping someone who is not comfortable with CLI through having two MySQL processes running. Because in all your interactions with the database, the multiple-processes thing is going to bite you and confuse you! Especially if you are not comfortable writing simple bash scripts.

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