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MySQL Workbench 6.3.7 GA has been released

Dear MySQL users,

The MySQL developer tools team announces 6.3.7 as our GA release for
MySQL Workbench 6.3.

For the full list of changes in this revision, visit

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Download MySQL Workbench 6.3.7 GA now, for Windows, Mac OS X 10.9+,
Oracle Linux 6 and 7, Fedora 23 and Fedora 24, Ubuntu 16.04
or sources, from:



 Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.3.7 (2016-06-13)

     * Functionality Added or Changed

     * Bugs Fixed

   Functionality Added or Changed

     * The Default target MySQL version model preference is now
       an open text field instead of a dropdown select box. For
       example, rather than choosing a version such as "5.7",
       you can now enter a specific version such as 5.7.12. (Bug
       #23080421, Bug #81023)

   Bugs Fixed

     * Executing Data Import/Restore would emit an unhandled
       exception with Import from Self-Contained File enabled.
       (Bug #23505226)

     * On Linux, the Table Data Export wizard failed to complete
       the export process. (Bug #23477814)

     * The MySQL Enterprise Backup Restore functionality could
       emit an unhandled exception under some circumstances.
       (Bug #23472573)

     * Editing a remote MySQL options file via the Options File
       management tool would emit an unhandled exception after
       clicking Apply. (Bug #23307191)

     * Exporting data to JSON was exporting NULL values as NULL
       instead of null, thus breaking the JSON output. (Bug
       #23241155, Bug #81331)

     * Under Users and Privileges, Workbench did not allow
       hyphens for host names in the "limit to hosts matching"
       field. (Bug #23224606, Bug #81301)

     * When viewing the code for an existing view (SQL to create
       the view), hexadecimal values were truncated. (Bug
       #23187761, Bug #81208)

     * Selecting "5.7" from Default target MySQL version did not
       take into account changes to newer versions, as 5.7
       behaved like 5.7.0 instead of a newer version. For
       example, it was not possible to use the JSON data type
       for variables inside the stored procedure editor as JSON
       was added in MySQL 5.7.7. (Bug #23080421, Bug #81023)

     * The Schema filter was slow (poor performance) when a lot
       (1000+) of schemas were present. (Bug #23047787, Bug

     * The database migration wizard database field was
       described as "Leave blank to select it later" but this
       text was updated to read as "Cannot be blank" because it
       is a required field. (Bug #22896342)

     * The generated SQL generated by the forward engineering
       wizard would incorrectly output "VIRTUALCOMMENT" instead
       of "VIRTUAL COMMENT". (Bug #22880159, Bug #80618)

     * An new option is available to specify a path to the SSH
       configuration and/or known hosts file. This option
       overwrites the defaults. (Bug #22866791, Bug #80605)

     * Workbench's Alter Table functionality did not behave
       correctly when a column was defined using a TIMESTAMP
       with fractional seconds, such as TIMESTAMP(1). In this
       case, some columns would be hidden from the editor. (Bug
       #22839982, Bug #80547)

     * Under Reverse Engineering, the information provided in
       the wild card description to select objects contained a
       typo. (Bug #22828056, Bug #80516)

     * After successfully executing the database migration
       wizard, executing it a second time required Workbench to
       be restarted. (Bug #22811588, Bug #80479)

     * When executing Data Export using a remote MySQL
       connection, the error resulting from a missing mysqldump
       binary was unclear. (Bug #22753693, Bug #80240)

     * The PostgreSQL migration wizard could fail to migrate
       PostgreSQL databases that were generated with tryton.
       (Bug #22747525, Bug #79217)

     * The Dashboard and Server Status reported different Select
       per second values. The Server Status page reported
       incorrect (inflated by about 3x) values. (Bug #22739583,
       Bug #74822)

     * The PostgreSQL migration wizard could fail with an
       "pg_catalog.pg_enum does not exist" error. (Bug
       #22738451, Bug #71121)

     * The Workbench interface would incorrectly orient itself
       to display as Right-To-Left (RTL) when a system's
       language is set to a RTL language, despite Workbench not
       being translated to that language. (Bug #22722701, Bug

     * Attempting to test custom connection details (a
       connection not yet created by Workbench) caused Workbench
       to fail and exit. The Test Connection functionality only
       functioned for existing or new connections. (Bug
       #22698924, Bug #80325)

     * The "Limit to Hosts Matching" field in the user manager
       would incorrectly report a "Host name contains incorrect
       characters" error if the host named contained numeric
       characters. (Bug #22670269)

     * Import and export to JSON format failed if the table had
       column names that were keywords such as key or value.
       (Bug #22668918, Bug #80272)

     * The Alter Table functionality did not detect a default
       value change from no default value to an empty string. In
       other words, adding a default value of "" resulted in
       Workbench reporting "No changes detected". (Bug
       #22664805, Bug #80267)

     * The DBMS connection keep-alive interval option did not
       function properly. As a result, Workbench could lose the
       connection and result in errors similar to "Error Code:
       2013. Lost connection to MySQL server during query". (Bug
       #22642241, Bug #80225)

     * All generated paths now will use "/" as the directory
       separator in order to avoid the "\s" being interpreted as
       a space, such as "C:\path\to\certs\server-cert.pem" for
       generated SSL certificates. (Bug #22636645, Bug #80087)

     * Importing CSV data with from a properly UTF-8 encoded
       source would sometimes fail, and instead could result
       with errors such as "'ascii' codec can't encode character
       u'\xcf' at position 29: ordinal not in range(128)". (Bug
       #22635390, Bug #80205)

     * With Fabric, Workbench cached the topology information
       and did not update it when the topology changed, like
       when switching to a new master. (Bug #22601466)

     * Code completion has been further improved to only show
       relevant details, such as if a table is referenced in the
       FROM clause then only show columns from that table and
       not all from the default schema, and entries have been
       reordered to show columns first (only preceded by
       keywords). (Bug #22579426, Bug #80092)

     * Some stored procedure definitions were incorrectly
       reported as having invalid syntax. (Bug #22552958, Bug

     * Executing Alter Stored Procedure with a user lacking
       SELECT privileges would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug
       #22509047, Bug #79871)

     * With the MySQL Firewall plugin enabled, having a user
       name containing a single quote character (rare, but not
       illegal) the queries would fail and produce an error in
       the Users and Privileges area of Workbench. These checks
       are now properly escaped. (Bug #22468850)

     * With the validate_password plugin enabled, when Workbench
       attempted to check the strength of a new password by
       sending a query to the server, the password was not
       properly escaped in this query. In such cases, the
       password was incorrectly reported as a strong or weak
       password. The associated "SELECT
       VALIDATE_PASSWORD_STRENGTH" query is now properly
       escaped. (Bug #22468332)

     * Some internal Workbench queries failed to execute with
       sql_mode set to ANSI_QUOTES. (Bug #22464406)

     * The Total Time field within the Recent Activity grid of
       the Online Backup / MySQL Enterprise Backup section of
       Workbench showed an incorrect duration value. (Bug
       #22462974, Bug #73499)

     * With MySQL Server 5.5 and lower, executing Alter Table on
       tables with partitions would fail with an error similar
       to "Syntax error: 'PARTITION' (identifier) is not valid
       input at this position". (Bug #22453898, Bug #79734)

     * MySQL Workbench lacked a CentOS profile, so could fail to
       make remote connections to a CentOS machine. (Bug
       #22453095, Bug #72205)

     * After opening the stored procedure editor from the object
       browser, clicking Execute would execute a query that did
       not take into account the IN parameters. (Bug #22378620)

     * On Windows, the "DEFAULT NULL" value could
       unintentionally be removed from the "Alter Table" window
       when clicking on it. (Bug #22375946, Bug #79661)

     * The Database Migration migration link on the home page
       was not functioning immediately after a successful
       migration. (Bug #22271448)

     * Several grammar and spelling corrections were implemented
       into the GUI. (Bug #22251496, Bug #79373)

     * Under certain circumstances, sub-queries were reported as
       syntax errors. (Bug #22251347, Bug #79371)

     * Several SQL Server 2014 database migration improvements.
       (Bug #22243141, Bug #79299)

     * While modeling, pressing the Enter key while editing a
       document's properties would close the document properties
       window instead of adding a new line. (Bug #22204168)

     * When copying tables, Workbench makes one connection at
       the start to disable triggers, makes a separate
       connection to do the data copy, then returns to the first
       connection to re-enable triggers. If the copy takes
       longer than the server's wait_timeout, the first
       connection timed out. (Bug #22190703, Bug #79242)

     * The Driver sends Unicode data as UTF-8 advanced database
       migration option that is available when using an ODBC
       driver is now disabled by default. Also, connections
       could hang when this option was enabled. (Bug #22149342,
       Bug #76382)

     * Executing Delete Row(s) after selecting more than six
       rows from the results grid would not delete all of the
       selected rows. (Bug #21909625, Bug #78560)

     * Adding a DATETIME with precision (such as DATETIME(3))
       from the Table Editor would eventually get reverted to
       DATETIME (without precision). (Bug #21666012, Bug #78153)

     * The search (magnifying glass) icon in the schema search
       field was misplaced after the left sidebar was resized.
       (Bug #21329109, Bug #77507)

     * Workbench will now prompt to continue the execution of
       operations containing loops in stored procedures, instead
       of just canceling it after ~200 executions. (Bug
       #21310357, Bug #77470)

     * The Performance Schema installation procedure in
       Workbench failed to check user privileges before
       attempting the installation. For example, if the user had
       all privileges except "ALTER ROUTINE", it would update
       sys.version but fail to complete the installation, and
       also fail to back out thereby leaving the sys.version as
       current but none of the functions were updated. (Bug
       #21261239, Bug #77360)

     * On Linux and OS X, the Options File viewer shortened
       (cut) long option names in the GUI, although editing
       their values changed the correct options. (Bug #21167521,
       Bug #77179)

     * MySQL connections were leaked when connecting and
       disconnecting to MySQL databases. It leaked one
       connection per re-connect to a database. (Bug #20996606)

     * A large database caused the size reported under the
       Schema Inspector to wrap around and display a negative
       number. (Bug #20990435)

     * From the Options File management feature, clicking
       Discard with the Advanced tab open would always revert
       the thread_handling option value to
       "one-thread-per-connection" even if it was set to "no
       threads". (Bug #20956570)

     * The print preview icon dialog was missing the Workbench
       icon. (Bug #20309812, Bug #75422)

     * Changes to the modeling Appearance font preference did
       not save properly, or have an effect. (Bug #20196073, Bug

     * On Windows, the Query Stats graph would not render with
       MySQL Server 5.7. (Bug #20141414, Bug #75100)

     * The Query Stats information tab was populated even when
       the Performance Schema was disabled. (Bug #20141262, Bug

     * The Toggle whether execution of SQL script should
       continue after failed statements button was updated to
       better indicate when the option is enabled or disabled.
       (Bug #20093801, Bug #74982)

     * On Windows, after closing and reopening Workbench with
       several SQL Editor tabs open, the tabs names were hash
       values (instead of MySQL connection names) if the
       connection names contained non-standard text. (Bug
       #20086117, Bug #74966)

     * In the Table Editor, if a column has NN checked, and NN
       is then unchecked, then a default NULL value is
       automatically added to the CREATE TABLE statement when
       Apply is clicked. The column then shows a default value
       of NULL in the Table Editor. (Bug #19890571, Bug #74558)

     * If a setting is (incorrectly) defined twice in my.ini,
       Workbench separates its values with a newline ("\n"). For
       example, if sort_buffer_size is defined twice, Workbench
       displays it as "sort_buffer_size=256K\n256K". Workbench
       now follows MySQL Server behavior, and uses the last
       defined option. (Bug #19769849)

     * The cursor could seemingly disappear after executing a
       query, as it could remain at its last position when the
       query started to execute. (Bug #19703074, Bug #74128)

     * The model Page setup... functionality was not always
       preserved when choosing a size for printing. (Bug
       #11766583, Bug #59724)

 On behalf of the MySQL Workbench and the MySQL/ORACLE RE Team
 Gipson Pulla

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