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Re: utf8 options under Mysql

2016/04/22 04:49 ... Jigal van Hemert:
It works for a lot of Western European languages very well, but in some
cases there are problems. For Asian languages there are a lot more
problems. For example, 'ß' isn't considered the same as 'ss'.
Well, the former is an sz-ligature, and the latter is a digraph that is not the same as the ligature--and the language is German, which is not Asian.
*personal polemic follows*
Germans can save themselves trouble, I believe, if they give up varying 'ss' with the sz-ligature, and give up the latter in favor of a digraph 'sz'--but that won't help MySQL because it, and all like software, has to support all the already written German saved in it.

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