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Re: slave to master

Am 29.04.2016 um 17:20 schrieb Mahmoud Alshinhab:
Master/slave connection selection

It’s the application that has to decide to use master or slave
connection (the master connection is set by default).
Switching the type of connection is done by using JDBC
connection.setReadOnly(boolean readOnly)
method. Setting read-only to true will use the slave connection, false,
the master connection.


So I think it is not implemented yet. as "the application has to decide
to use master or slave connection (the master connection is set by

so what's the benfit to use it?


* Replication aware dynamic routing
* Query load balancing
* Client to database connection multiplexing


Whether you need to take a database node of a cluster out of service for maintenance or add a database node back to cluster, MaxScale?s load balance routing and monitoring plugins will assure that database traffic is always routed to database nodes in service without impacting the applications.


MariaDB MaxScale is designed to hide the database setup complexity from the application so that the app still believes it connects to a single database instance but actually it connects to MariaDB MaxScale which sits on top of a growing MariaDB or MySQL database farm.

The concept of a data-centric proxy isn?t new, but MariaDB MaxScale is different because it leverages the deep server and parser knowledge of MariaDB to ensure that queries are processed in the exactly the same way inside MariaDB server. This makes it faster, more efficient and more transparent than any other database proxy on the market.

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