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Re: parallel installations of mysql

On 4/20/2016 2:04 PM, Martin Mueller wrote:

I am running MySQL 5.6.22 on an iMac as a desktop database. I would like to install 5.7.12. Can I install it as a parallel and independent  instance? And if so, are there special problems to watch out for?

Why would I want to do this? Well, I have a set of databases and tables on the old installations that have grown over the years. Given the way I work, the simplest thing would be install the new database and then work through my existing tables over a number of weeks and transfer stuff as I go along.   That may not be very professional but it works for me, and it would let me keep the old along the new, just in case something goes wrong/

My friends tell me to use sqlite, and they are probably right since file management is so much simpler. But I find the many builtin functions of MySQL very helpful and don't particularly want to learn a new set.

Martin Mueller

Many systems have more than one mysqld running on them at the same time. To make them operate safely, you have to isolate them from each other using the guidance in this section of the manual:


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