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parallel installations of mysql

I am running MySQL 5.6.22 on an iMac as a desktop database. I would like to install 5.7.12. Can I install it as a parallel and independent  instance? And if so, are there special problems to watch out for?

Why would I want to do this? Well, I have a set of databases and tables on the old installations that have grown over the years. Given the way I work, the simplest thing would be install the new database and then work through my existing tables over a number of weeks and transfer stuff as I go along.   That may not be very professional but it works for me, and it would let me keep the old along the new, just in case something goes wrong/

My friends tell me to use sqlite, and they are probably right since file management is so much simpler. But I find the many builtin functions of MySQL very helpful and don't particularly want to learn a new set. 

Martin Mueller 

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