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Re: mysql query for current date accounting returns NULL

On 3/26/2016 4:36 PM, shawn l.green wrote:

On 3/25/2016 6:39 AM, JAHANZAIB SYED wrote:
I have Freeradius 2.x with MySQL 5.5 in Ubuntu.

I want to query user quota for current date. I am using following code

SELECT (SUM(acctinputoctets)+SUM(acctoutputoctets)) AS Total FROM
radacct where (acctstarttime between  DATE_FORMAT(NOW(),'%Y-%m-%d')
AND NOW() AND acctstoptime  between  DATE_FORMAT(NOW() ,'%Y-%m-%d')
AND NOW()) AND radacct.username='%{User-Name}'

It works fine if there is acctstoptime value in table. but if user
have not disconnected yet (and have no previous session for today) it
returns NULL.

So how can i can get the value even if user acttstoptime is null?

Try this...(using an earlier suggestion to the thread)

  SUM(acctinputoctets + acctoutputoctets) AS Total
FROM radacct
   AND acctstarttime BETWEEN CURDATE() AND NOW()
   AND (
     acctstoptime  <= NOW()
     OR acctstoptime IS NULL

But in reality, can you have an acctstarttime that is >= NOW()? If not,
then you can also simplify that term to just

oops! one too many AND's
   AND AND acctstarttime >= CURDATE()

I meant to write
    AND acctstarttime >= CURDATE()

and lose the BETWEEN comparison.


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