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Re: does anyone else have problems sending mails to this list ?

Am 20.03.2016 um 20:22 schrieb Reindl Harald:

Am 20.03.2016 um 20:16 schrieb Jan Steinman:
From: Reindl Harald <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 17 March 2016 at 06:27:22 PDT

Am 17.03.2016 um 14:06 schrieb Lentes, Bernd:
i still can't send my question to the ML. Our outgoing Mailer has a
new IP which is not listed
our domain is not listed
my E-Mail include neither any link nor an attachment, it's formatted
as plain-text but i still get it back:

at least not terrible good
senderscore.com LISTED

Uhm… the 127 Class A network is the “super local network,” used for
processes on the same physical machine.

You need to look at other Received: headers than the ones that start
with 127

please refrain from answering when you have no clue how DNS blacklists
are working and what about others are talking - thank you!

here is your homework for today:

BTW: one of my jobs is to build up spamfilters for hundrets of users
including maintain own local DNSBL/DNSWL services for scoring

if the wiki page is to long for you:

Return Codes 	Data Source 	Contains 		Direct UBE sources, spam operations & spam services 		Direct snowshoe spam sources detected via automation 		CBL (3rd party exploits such as proxies, trojans, etc.) End-user Non-MTA IP addresses set by ISP outbound mail policy

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