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Re: need help from the list admin

Am 19.03.2016 um 15:08 schrieb Lentes, Bernd:
Ok. I tried again:

pc53200:~ # nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

My result is How can i interpret this result?

simple - it's a reputation score
100 = perfect reputation - whitelist score
0 = no reputation, pure spammer

with 62 you make it through postscreen but end with 2.5 points penalty in SA and that you had 2 days ago "senderscore.com LISTED" and now got worser scores shows that your outgoing server sends spam (given that we have full reputation 100 there without any actve operation, even before i did know about the RBL/DNSWL)

anything below should raise alerts

our postscreen-scoring:

our spamassassin scoring:

header CUST_DNSBL_21 eval:check_rbl('cust21-lastexternal','score.senderscore.com.','^127\.0\.4\.(1?[0-9]|20)$')
describe CUST_DNSBL_21 score.senderscore.com (senderscore.com High)
score    CUST_DNSBL_21 1.5

header CUST_DNSBL_25 eval:check_rbl('cust25-lastexternal','score.senderscore.com.','^127\.0\.4\.(0?[0-6]?[0-9])$')
describe CUST_DNSBL_25 score.senderscore.com (senderscore.com Medium)
score    CUST_DNSBL_25 1.0

header CUST_DNSWL_2 eval:check_rbl('cust35-lastexternal','score.senderscore.com.','^127\.0\.4\.(9[0-9]|100)$')
describe CUST_DNSWL_2 score.senderscore.com (Low Trust)
score    CUST_DNSWL_2 -0.1

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