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dump, drop database then merge/aggregate

fellow users, hopefully you experts too, could help...

...me to understand how, and what should be the best practice to dump database, then drop it and merge the dumps.. What I'd like to do is something probably many have done and I wonder how it's done best. A box will be dumping a database (maybe? tables if it's better) then dropping (purging the data) it and on a different system that dump swill be inserted/aggregated into the same database. It reminds me a kind of incremental backup except for the fact that source data will be dropped/purged on regular basis, but before a drop, a dump which later will be used to sort of reconstruct that same database.

How do you recommend to do it? I'm guessing trickiest bit might this reconstruction part, how to merge dumps safely, naturally while maintaining consistency & integrity?
Actual syntax, as usually any code examples are, would be best.

many thanks.

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