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Select Earliest Related Row

I have a two tables where I am adding CLASSES and CLASS_DATES for people to register for.

Table Name = tl_items (Parent)

table_name = tl_items_classes (Children)

“tl_items" will have 0 to Many “tl_items_classes" using the “item_id” as the KEY field.

I am compiling a SELECT query to search the dates of the classes (tl_items_classes rows), but I need to these two things:

1) Only show the EARLIEST “cl_date" in my returned list (i.e... if a class has dates for Jan 2,3,4,5,6 2016, only show Jan 2’s row)

2) In that displayed EARLIEST Class Date row, have a column that displays the complete list of related class dates in ASC order delineated by a COMMA (Group_Concat()???).

Here is a query I have started off with which show all the dates fine. Just want to fine tune it.

SELECT ic.*, i.*, DATE_FORMAT(ic.cl_date, "%M %Y") AS mo_label FROM tl_items_classes ic 
LEFT JOIN tl_items i ON ic.item_id = i.item_id 
WHERE i.active = 1 AND ic.cl_cancelled IS NULL ORDER BY ic.cl_date ASC;

Any help would be appreciated.

Don Wieland