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Re: using alias in where clause

On 1/28/2016 1:14 PM, Larry Martell wrote:
On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 8:40 AM, Hal.sz S.ndor <hsv@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
2016/01/25 19:16 ... Larry Martell:

SELECT IFNULL(f_tag_bottom,
                     IFNULL(f_tag_ch_y_bottom, NULL))))) as ftag,

Of course, this isn't your real problem, but you could use COALESCE instead
of all those IFNULLs (and you don't need the last one):
         SELECT COALESCE(f_tag_bottom, f_tag_bottom_major_axis,
f_tag_bottom_minor_axis, f_tag_ch_x_bottom, f_tag_ch_y_bottom) as ftag,

As Johnny Withers points out, you may repeat the expression in the
         WHERE COALESCE(f_tag_bottom, f_tag_bottom_major_axis,
f_tag_bottom_minor_axis, f_tag_ch_x_bottom, f_tag_ch_y_bottom) = 'E-CD7'
If really only one of those is not NULL, it is equivalent to this:
         'E-CD7' IN (f_tag_bottom, f_tag_bottom_major_axis,
f_tag_bottom_minor_axis, f_tag_ch_x_bottom, f_tag_ch_y_bottom)

Many thanks to Hal.sz and Johnny - I had forgotten about coalesce and
I didn't know I could use that in a where clause. This worked great
for the requirement I had, but of course, once that was implemented my
client changed the requirements. Now they want to know which of the 5
f_tag_* columns was matched. Not sure how I'll do that. Probably need
another query.

One option to consider is to add another column to the query with a CASE similar to this...

, ... original fields ...
  WHEN f_tag_bottom THEN 'f_tag_bottom'
  WHEN f_tag_bottom_major_axis THEN 'f_tag_bottom_major_axis'
  ... repeat for the rest of the fields to test ...
  ELSE 'none'
  END as match_flag
FROM ...

Technically, the term in the WHERE clause should prevent a 'none' result but I put it there to help future-proof the code.

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