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MySQL Workbench 6.3.6 GA has been released

Dear MySQL users,

The MySQL developer tools team announces 6.3.6 as our GA release for
MySQL Workbench 6.3.

For the full list of changes in this revision, visit

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Download MySQL Workbench 6.3.6 GA now, for Windows, Mac OS X 10.9+,
Oracle Linux 6 and 7, Fedora 22 and Fedora 23, Ubuntu 14.04 and
Ubuntu 15.10 or sources, from:



Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.3.6 (2015-12-15)

   Functionality Added or Changed

     * On OS X, the multiple object selector was disabled in the
       model overview. (Bug #22265928)

     * On Linux, Fedora 23 is now supported. (Bug #22146526, Bug

     * The "mysql_old_password
       protocol is no longer supported by Workbench, as its
       support was removed in MySQL Server 5.7. This affects the
       former "Use old authentication protocol" option from the
       "Advanced" configuration tab. This option has now been
       removed. (Bug #22093548, Bug #78947)

     * Management operations when using an SSH MySQL Server
       connection that authenticated using a password (and not
       SSH keys) would not function. (Bug #22047602)

     * The File, New Query option no longer requires an open
       MySQL connection. (Bug #21879064)

     * The MySQL Firewall tab is now disabled when the Firewall
       user is being created. (Bug #21150265)

   Bugs Fixed

     * Setting the MySQL Firewall mode to "PROTECTING" for a
       user without defined rules would emit an unhandled
       exception. (Bug #22294174)

     * Improvements were made to the Microsoft SQL Server 2008
       migration wizard. (Bug #22271597)

     * On OS X, the MySQL Firewall management option was missing
       from the commercial edition builds. (Bug #22270244)

     * After editing the code of a routine and closing the
       routine editor, the changed routine was duplicated
       instead of applying the changes to the original routine
       object. (Bug #22269199)

     * The JSON Data Field Value Editor functionality was
       improved, and bugs were fixed. Workbench 6.3.5 had known
       limitations. (Bug #22265214, Bug #22337871)

     * On Linux, the MySQL Firewall installation checked the
       path /usr/share/ instead of /usr/share/mysql/. (Bug

     * For Online Backup, the Fix Grants for MEB function would
       not create the MySQL Enterprise Backup user account. (Bug

     * The SSL results page listed the "-" character as "_" for
       the SSL certificate file names. (Bug #22243210)

     * Exporting a database from the Data Export wizard did not
       function with remote connections. (Bug #22233795)

     * The libzip library was updated; Workbench can now be
       installed on Ubuntu 15.10. (Bug #22230416, Bug #79320)

     * After initially altering a table using the Alter Table,
       subsequent alterations to the same table in the same
       screen, without having closed the screen, would not
       always complete, as the previous alterations were applied
       again. For example, it might attempt to add a column that
       was already added, or remove a column that was already
       deleted. (Bug #22202325, Bug #79265)

     * Workbench did not recognize identifiers with a leading
       digit if it was preceded by a dot. (Bug #22193758, Bug

     * After creating a table, editing the table in the same tab
       would yield an error after clicking Apply. (Bug
       #22178996, Bug #79199)

     * Clicking Apply a second time while performing an Alter
       Table operation would emit a "No Changes Detected"
       message, despite changes being present. (Bug #22169405,
       Bug #79164)

     * The MySQL connection search field's background and text
       were both white, making it difficult to decipher. (Bug
       #22168697, Bug #79159)

     * On Windows 10, and with resolutions of 1366x768 and
       below, the default table editor window did not show the
       table columns.
       As a workaround, the output pane could be resized or
       hidden. (Bug #22168049, Bug #79160)

     * The "BY" keyword is now supported. (Bug #22151204, Bug

     * The MySQL Enterprise Backup binary can now be configured
       per MySQL connection, to match the correct version needed
       by the connected MySQL server. Before, only one MySQL
       Enterprise Backup binary could be used for all
       connections. (Bug #22143844, Bug #79108)

     * Compiling Workbench now requires Connector/C++ 1.1.7 or
       higher, as this is the first Connector/C++ release that
       supports JSON. (Bug #22141269, Bug #79054)

     * On the Server Logs management tab, the Copy and Copy
       Details options were switched. (Bug #22139172, Bug

     * The Error Logs management tab showed a MySQL Firewall
       button within the community edition. (Bug #22139172, Bug

     * Attempting to install MySQL Enterprise Firewall would
       fail with the following error: "Unhandled exception: type
       object 'FileUtils' has no attribute
       As a workaround, execute a xyz_install_firewall.sql
       script that is bundled with MySQL Server. (Bug #22138989,
       Bug #79083)

     * The Alter Table tool did not function with partitioned
       tables. (Bug #22135172, Bug #79070)

     * The preference windows could not be resized. (Bug
       #22121297, Bug #79022)

     * The USE statement result was not preserved in the SQL
       editor, which sometimes led to unknown errors when
       executing multiple statements. (Bug #22106190, Bug

     * After placing a new table on an EER diagram, and
       double-clicking on the new table, the column fields were
       hidden. (Bug #22090203, Bug #78931)

     * "ALTER PROCEDURE" changes were not detected by Workbench
       As a workaround, the SQL Editor could be used to decorate
       the "CREATE PROCEDURE" code with delimiters. (Bug
       #22084956, Bug #78924)

     * Workbench 6.3.5 would fail to export MySQL Server 5.6 and
       below, due to changes present in MySQL Server 5.7.
       As a workaround, a MySQL 5.6 version of mysqldump could
       be used. (Bug #22060729)

     * The modeling table editor did not list the JSON data type
       in the dropdown select list, nor did it accept it
       manually. Importing a JSON column from a live database
       worked, but creating/assigning the JSON type in the
       editor was not possible. (Bug #22060699, Bug #22116098,
       Bug #79012)

     * Reverse Engineering a database that contained JSON data
       (columns) failed, and crashed Workbench. (Bug #22053512)

     * The Validate option was missing from the JSON field
       value's editor. (Bug #22052957)

     * The Grid and Tree tabs would interfere with each other in
       the JSON Data Field Value Editor. (Bug #22052934)

     * When using a remote connection, clicking the wrench icon
       next to a table name in the object browser would cause a
       crash. (Bug #22052557)

     * From Models, Create EER Model From Script, importing a
       script would close the diagram instead of creating the
       model. (Bug #22048218)

     * The MySQL Firewall installation wizard did not function.
       (Bug #22047561)

     * The data migration wizard did not always function with
       BLOB data. (Bug #22046141)

     * On Linux, with the commercial edition, the Online Backup
       log window's status log would not always update. (Bug

     * Attempting to add comments to stored procedures would
       fail with invalid syntax errors. (Bug #21941439, Bug

     * The Action Output auto-scrolling failed to function after
       clicking inside the action log. (Bug #21930774, Bug

     * The Table Data Import wizard failed to import large
       integers. They are now properly detected and assigned as
       BIGINT. (Bug #21896324)

     * Whitespace is now trimmed from the MySQL Connection
       fields. (Bug #21865018, Bug #78471)

     * The MySQL Server start and stop management operations
       would generate unhandled exceptions. (Bug #21861171)

     * With MySQL Server 5.7.8+ connections, the login name
       (username) can now be 32 characters in length. (Bug

     * The Copy All Field Names action would insert extra
       (repeated) column names. (Bug #21760124, Bug #78280)

     * The SYS Schema could not be installed using a remote
       MySQL Server connection. (Bug #21661235)

     * The SHOW GRANTS statement would be seen as invalid
       syntax. (Bug #21520434, Bug #77868)

     * Generated columns(a feature added in MySQL 5.7) were not
       fully supported in the SQL editor, Table Editor, nor
       Modeling interface. (Bug #21505058, Bug #77837)

     * The bundled OpenSSL library was upgraded to version
       1.0.1p. (Bug #21438134)

     * When adding stored procedures to a Routine Group,
       Workbench would sometimes append "_SYNTAX_ERROR" to the
       procedures. (Bug #21174637, Bug #77197)

     * Several behavioral improvements were made to Workbench
       for when the MySQL Server connection is down. (Bug

     * SQL auto-completion would sometimes show unavailable
       columns. (Bug #21046868, Bug #76954)

     * Including a model (via File, Include Model) generated a
       window that was too small. (Bug #20956593)

     * When editing a MySQL Server connection, pressing Enter
       under Server Connection, Advanced, Others, could shutdown
       Workbench. (Bug #20930014)

     * On Windows, the Vertical Output tab failed to close. (Bug
       #20834266, Bug #76590)

     * The performance_schema_max_sql_text_length and
       max_digest_length options were not displayed under the
       Options File tab. These variables dictate how queries
       under Statement Analysis are truncated. (Bug #20671061,
       Bug #76223)

     * Resizing the New Job window in the Online Backup
       management tool would show a floating text box. (Bug
       #20631601, Bug #76110)

     * On Fedora 21, Locate Log Files and Show Log File did not
       function due to an underlining Fedora 21 glib issue. (Bug
       #20609499, Bug #76066)

     * On OS X with multiple displays present, the SQL
       auto-complete box would always show on the main display,
       even if Workbench was on the secondary display. The
       underlining Scintilla library was updated to solve this
       problem. (Bug #20341650, Bug #75460)

     * Workbench would report SQL syntax errors for subqueries
       using multiple parentheses. (Bug #20330840, Bug #75462)

     * Saving a model file with non-ASCII characters in the name
       would crash Workbench, and renaming a file using
       non-ASCII characters would rename the file using the .bak
       file extension. (Bug #20328493, Bug #75455)

     * On Windows, the MySQL Workbench application is now
       associated to files with the .sql extension. (Bug
       #20326058, Bug #75453)

     * Scheduled incremental backups would not function if the
       file path contained spaces. (Bug #20254772, Bug #75092)

     * The Check for Update functionality did not detect newer
       Workbench versions for the commercial edition. (Bug
       #20167571, Bug #75132)

     * With incremental backups, TTS usage was attempted with
       the Use Transportable Tablespaces option disabled. This
       resulted in an error. (Bug #20098272)

     * Workbench's Alter Table functionality did not detect
       changes to fractional seconds. (Bug #19774377, Bug

On behalf of Oracle MySQL Release Team,
Lars Tangvald

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