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MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.3 GA has been released

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.3 GA is the first GA version of 2.1
release series of the pure Python database driver for MySQL. It
can be used for production environments.

MySQL Connector/Python version 2.1.3 GA is compatible with MySQL
Server versions 5.5 and greater. Python 2.6 and greater as well as
Python 3.3 and greater are supported. Python 2.4, 2.5 and 3.1, 3.2
are not supported.

MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.3 is available for download from:


The ChangeLog file included in the distribution contains a brief summary
of changes in MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.3. For a more complete list of
changes, see below or online at:



Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.3 (2015-09-24):

Functionality Added or Changed

  * Connector/Python is now compatible with Django 1.8. (Bug
    #76752, Bug #20987205)

Bugs Fixed

  * When using the C Extension with raise_on_warnings=True,
    errors were not thrown as exceptions when an executed
    statement produced an error, and it was not possible to
    reuse the cursor if the statement produced a result set.
    (Bug #21536507)

  * When using the C Extension, character decoding of
    identifiers (database, table, column names) in result
    sets could fail. (Bug #21535573)

  * When using the C Extension with the auth_plugin option,
    connect() calls failed. (Bug #21529781)

  * In connections for which consume_results=True, callproc()
    could hang. (Bug #21492815)

  * Connections failed if the password began or ended with
    spaces because they were being stripped before the
    connection attempt. (Bug #21492428)

  * Connection failure occurred for accounts authenticated
    with the sha256_password authentication plugin that had a
    blank password. (Bug #21420906)

  * The Connector/Python C Extension could exit when fetching
    a result set containing many NULL values. (Bug #21420633)

  * Connector/Python failed to complete the connection
    handshake with MySQL Server 5.5.8. (Bug #21090014)

  * RPM packages of Connector/Python were missing some
    required __init_py__ files. (Bug #77819, Bug #21505096)

  * Connector/Python hung until timeout if the query it was
    running was killed. (Bug #76156, Bug #20653441)

  * Writing to a table with a BinaryField from Django
    resulted in a UnicodeDecodeError exception. (Bug #75175,
    Bug #21054559)

  * Stripping NoneType objects from Django resulted in an
    AttributeError exception. (Bug #74675, Bug #21054556)

The source distribution includes the manual in various formats under
the docs/ folder.

Reporting Bugs
We welcome and appreciate your feedback and bug reports:

Posting in GitHub is in progress and will appear shortly.

On Behalf of the MySQL/ORACLE RE Team
Hery Ramilison

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