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> From: Richard Reina <gatorreina@xxxxxxxxx>
> I have a column name quarter which I need to have 5 possible inputs; 1, 2,
> 3, 4, or OT. Because of the OT possibility I am leaning towards ENUM.
> Hence, I am also thus considering ENUM('first', 'second', 'third',
> 'fourth', 'overtime') as the input will primarily be used in written
> descriptions. Is this a wise or unwise way to design a table column?

I think it's a wise way to do things.

I use ENUMs a lot, whenever I'm choosing from a fixed set of a relatively small number of items that will not change frequently (or at all).

One other thing to consider is if this particular set of choices will be used elsewhere. If so, then consider using a TINYINT index into a different table that associates those indices (PK) with strings. Otherwise, I see no good reason to use TINYINT.

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