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Need a little admin help

I have a Wordpress user who is setting up a Website and says he can't
connect to his database. Both I and the Wordpress admin are new to
this, so I've probably done something wron when I set him up

Once I connected to SQL as the SQL admin, I used the following
commands to set up the new user's access. In the commands below, I
used my name as for user and database names:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON steve_db.* TO "steve"@"localhost"
    -> IDENTIFIED BY "steve_pw";

All commands worked successfully.

To figure out what I did wrong, I need to know how to list all SQL
users and what databases they have access to, and if I discover I've
connected a user to a wrong database, how to correct this--do I delete
the user and database and start it all over, or is it easier to modify
wrong things than to replace them? Whatever I do, including deleting
everything, is OK, since the only things I'm doing with SQL at this
time have to do with Postfix, and I certainly know enough not to touch

As always, thanks in advance.

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