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Re: moving inno tables

> From: Martin Mueller <martinmueller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I moved the data directory of a MySQL installation from one computer to
> another. This works for MyISAM tables. Unfortunately I inadvertently
> created some INNO tables, and it doesn't seem to work.

Oh dear. Hope you have a backup.

I fought with this for several days. I ended up deleting the bad file, creating an identical table in another database, moving THAT file into the old file's location, then using DROP TABLE on that file, then restoring from backup.

Until I did that, it wouldn't let me do ANYTHING with the table; couldn't DROP it (it didn't exist!) but couldn't create or rename a new one with the same name, either.

In general, moving database tables using the file system is A Very Bad Idea. Only use MySQL commands to move things around.

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