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Re: pid-file quite

Hello Martin,

Sorry about the delay. My normal support duties don't allow as much time as I like to spend on community issues like this.

On 7/31/2015 10:41 AM, Martin Mueller wrote:
Dear Mr. Green,

first I'd like to thank you for your very clear explanations, which
helped. 'mysql' is an overdetermined word with all the advantages and
disadvantages of that.

While finally getting into the door, I ran into another problem: "pid-file
quit without updating."  This seems to be a fairly common phenomenon, to
judge from offered help on the Web. But the explanations are all over the
map, and the help is of dubious value. I've run into this problem several
times. One piece of advice was to use ps ax|grep mysql and then kill the
processes with the number returned by the query. That worked on one
occasion, but on another occasion it didn't. On that occasion, though, if
I logged in as superuser and started the server it worked.

There doesn't seem to be anything about this problem in the mysql
documentation. I not that it seems to be a fairly common kind of error,
with no clearly diagnosis or therapy from a source that can speak with
much authority.

It may be Mac specific and has to do with Startup items that you're not
supposed to use anymore and launcher daemons that are not easily
understood by poor mortals by me. But OS X is a very popular operating
system and MySQL is a very popular database. So I don't quite understand
why very basic installation and operating procedures are so complicated.
... snipped ...

The error is coming from mysqld_safe. What it is telling you is that the last time that mysqld stopped operating, it did not clean up its previous pid file (process identifier). Why it did not do that can have many many reasons. That is why there is no clear or simple answer that fits all situations.

You have to examine the MySQL Error log to find any errors that are causing the abnormal shutdown then correct those. You may need to start and stop the daemon manually (by executing mysqld directly in a shell session, not via the services or mysqld_safe scripts) at least once to ensure that you have the problem corrected. After that, and a normal shutdown, you should be able to resume starting the database daemon using the angel script mysqld_safe again.

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