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Re: password problem

Dear Mr Harald,

I've learned some things from your responses and even more from shawn
green's. You might learn a lot from him about patience and courtesy, which
make life on a technical forum a lot easier. You clearly know a lot about
technical stuff, but you're short on patience, and it would help you a lot
to practice a little courtesy and refrain from vulgar language.

Martin Mueller

Professor emeritus of English and Classics
Northwestern University

On 7/31/15 9:12 AM, "Reindl Harald" <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Am 31.07.2015 um 15:40 schrieb shawn l.green:
>>> 1. Log on to your system as the Unix user that the MySQL server runs as
>>> (for example, mysql).
>> Everything that executes on a Linux/Unix/Mac machine executes in the
>> context of some kind of user account (the system login). By default,
>> mysqld (the database server daemon) is installed to run under the host
>> machine user account 'mysql'. It can be changed if you want to change it
>> but that is the default. That is why 'mysql' was listed in the "for
>> example" section of that instruction
>but this part of the docs is completly bullshit
>a) on no sane system the user "mysql" has a password, hence
>    no login possible and typically it has also no shell
>    configured
>b) for what reason "mysql -u root" and you are done with
>    skip-grant-tables (and skip-grant-tables is the only
>    relevant point)
>why in the world should i need to logon as the user mysqld runs for
>connect to mysqld? but anyways, "mysql -u mysql" would have worked also
>as well as "mysql -u bullshit" because skip-grant-tables does what it
>says, you can do anything you like to do

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