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Re: password problem

Am 31.07.2015 um 15:40 schrieb shawn l.green:
1. Log on to your system as the Unix user that the MySQL server runs as
(for example, mysql).

Everything that executes on a Linux/Unix/Mac machine executes in the
context of some kind of user account (the system login). By default,
mysqld (the database server daemon) is installed to run under the host
machine user account 'mysql'. It can be changed if you want to change it
but that is the default. That is why 'mysql' was listed in the "for
example" section of that instruction

but this part of the docs is completly bullshit

a) on no sane system the user "mysql" has a password, hence
   no login possible and typically it has also no shell

b) for what reason "mysql -u root" and you are done with
   skip-grant-tables (and skip-grant-tables is the only
   relevant point)

why in the world should i need to logon as the user mysqld runs for connect to mysqld? but anyways, "mysql -u mysql" would have worked also as well as "mysql -u bullshit" because skip-grant-tables does what it says, you can do anything you like to do

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