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Re: password problem

Data directory path mention in cnf is of old mysql.

Make a fresh data directory, configure it in configuration file and execute mysqlinstall_db,

I don't understand the sentence about the data directory path mention.  The my.cnf file is at /etc/my.cnf . It doesn't have any data directory path mention, but neither does the my.cnf file on a laptop, which works. So there seems to be nothing wrong with the location or content of the my.cnf file.

On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 5:11 AM, Martin Mueller <martinmueller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:martinmueller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
I have installed mysql 5.1.73 on an old Mac Pro running OS Lion. I cannot
run the mysql command because it challenges me for a password. But I did
not set any password, either for the root, for mysql, or for myself as a

So the installation has somehow installed passwords about which I know
nothing or there is some error in the installation process.

There is a lot on the Web about resetting a forgotten password. But the
assumption is always that you can get at the program via some other
password. But in this case every door is shut.

Does anybody recognize this problem? I've uninstalled and re-installed the
program, but the results are always the same.

Martin Mueller
Professor emeritus of English and Classics
Northwestern University

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