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Re: Pointers to Mysql Replication

On 7/6/2015 1:39 PM, Claudio Nanni wrote:
Hi Jatin,

    Say if i am using a DB instance for quiet some time on node-1 and
    it has data in it. If i decide to have replication with another DB
    instance , will all the data from node-1 be first replicated to
    node-2's DB ? Or will it just start the DB replication from the
    point where i configured DB replication ?

Whatever method you use (traditional asynchronous Replication or Galera) when you add a new node (either a Replication Slave or a Galera Node) it has to acquire the full (current) dataset and then start replication from that point.

With Replication you need to do it manually by making a backup of the Master, with Galera it is automatic, the newly added node will request to be synced with the cluster and it will receive the backup from one of the nodes of the cluster.


Thanks for the responses Claudio. I will go with Master-Master replication and test it out.