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Pointers to Mysql Replication

Hi All

We are basically intending to implement High Availability for our application. In this regard , we want to use Mysql replication for this purpose.

We would have a two-node cluster , say node-1 & node-2.

Assume that if node-1is functioning we want the DB changes on it to be replicated onto the DB of node-2. If node-1 goes down due to say power failure then node-2 will become active and it will start servicing application requests. And if node-1 is recovered again then any DB chages that were done on node-2 should be replicated again on node-1 so that in case of power failure in node-2 , node-1 can start the application and DB and start servicing application requests.

Appreciate if you can provide some pointers of reading in this regard and the type of solution that i should implement to achieve it.