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Re: server-side logging of query errors?

Normal general log also logs everything including bad queries (i.e. SLCECT BLAH BLAH;) - although does not say if it was an error (i.e. syntax) or not.

Does the audit plugin log the actual error?


On 2015-06-25 00:32, Singer Wang wrote:
The performance hit of the Percona Audit is 15% for disk logging and
for remote syslog we found it is lower. It logs everything including
bad queries (eg. select fark from fark from fark fark fark from frak).
You should be able to write a JSON parser that extracts what you want
based on the log (eg. STATUS, COMMAND, NAME).

On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 11:05 AM, Johan De Meersman
<vegivamp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


FROM: "Singer X.J. Wang" <wang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
SUBJECT: Re: server-side logging of query errors?

You could log all queries using the audit plugin, 15% hit..
Fair point, though: maybe one of the different audit plugins has
the capability to specifically log faulty requests. Have a look
through the slides from Percona Live London 2014, there was a talk
about auditing.


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