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Re: Post-installation config and startup questions

Hi Steve,

you haven't said what OS you are installing this on or how you have installed MySQL. Normally you would use a version avaialable in your OS distribution as this avoids any overly complicated installation and will manage security and bug patches for you MySQL binaries. Ie installation can usually be completed with one yum or apt-get command on Linux.

Looking at the point at which you find yourself now I suspect you have run "mysqld_safe --defaults-file" and that this has stopped or you have killed it. This should remain running in the background in order that MySQL will be up and available either by socket or TCP/IP. If in doubt please check what mysql processes are running via "ps", if you don't have any MySQL processes running this will explain why you cannot connect to it (which the script you ran needs to do). You will be able to find more detailed information in the MySQL error log,

thanks, Andy.

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