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ANN: Meet the MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL 2.1.5

This release improves logging facility, adds support for invocation views
options, enhances control on views display preferences, fixes some rare

Full changelog:
[!] Error logging improved a lot
[+] "Show object icons" option added to Display Preferences
[+] "With Check" view option support added
[+] Algorithm view option support added
[+] Attributes option added to the View tab of Display Preferences
[+] Comments option added to the View tab of Display Preferences
[+] SQL Security view option support added
[+] Targets option added to the View tab of Display Preferences
[*] "Add object" menu item is available for the Object Tree View
[*] Handling of incorrect file paths improved in Generate Database
[*] Multiple triggers are permitted for the same Time and Event combination
as of MySQL 5.7.2
[*] Trigger name generation simplified in Table Editor
[-] "Apply button is sometimes available even if no changes made in the
object editor" bug fixed
[-] "Cannot open model (.mdd) file in Explorer if application already
launched" bug fixed

You're welcome to download the Database Designer for MySQL 2.1.5 right now

Login to your private area on our site at http://microolap.com/my/keys/ to
obtain your key if you have a license.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support
Ticketing system available at http://www.microolap.com/support/

Aleksandr Andreev
MicroOLAP Technologies LTD