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Re: MySQL 5.7 Innodb performans issue

On Wednesday, May 20, 2015, wagnerbianchi.com wrote:
> I'd like to add to the Morgan's note that if you want to restrict the
> number of transactions inside InnoDB kernel to 16, you need at least
> configure the tickets...
> => http://www.pythian.com/blog/once-again-about-innodb-concurrency-tickets/
> BTW, leave it as its default, IMHO, innodb_thread_concurrency=0, is
> better...

Changed it to 0 and restarted MySQL. Now the test will be running all night long...
(a full test took 3+ weeks with 5.5 and I expect 12-14 weeks with the speed of 5.7).

But as I wrote before, it seems like 5.7 causing a much higher disk load than 5.5 based on how the 
HD LED is flashing. It could be "off" for a long time (a second or even more) with 5.5 while now it 
is hardly "off" at all.

On Wednesday, May 20, 2015, Morgan Tocker <morgan.tocker@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>It looks from show engine innodb status that your server is just starting up, and caches are empty, 
>so versus a 5.5 server that has been running for a while it will likely be slower.

It this is the case I have never experienced this behavior. The PHP scripts write output about 
everything that is happening. And the speed of the output tells me how fast things goes. With 5.5 
the speed was much higher right from the start (after a reboot and starting up the test).

Jørn Dahl-Stamnes
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