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Re: MySQL 5.7 Innodb performans issue

I'd like to add to the Morgan's note that if you want to restrict the
number of transactions inside InnoDB kernel to 16, you need at least
configure the tickets...

=> http://www.pythian.com/blog/once-again-about-innodb-concurrency-tickets/

BTW, leave it as its default, IMHO, innodb_thread_concurrency=0, is

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2015-05-20 15:25 GMT-03:00 Morgan Tocker <morgan.tocker@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi Jørn,
> Wagner’s point about SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS is a good one.  A couple of
> other questions about your workload:
> - The data collector system processing jobs, is it multi threaded?
> - Do you have a sample schema + set of queries we could look at?
>  (We pay close attention to regressions.)
> In terms of your configuration:
> I would usually recommend assuming the default values for some of the
> settings you’ve specified (table_open_cache, sort_buffer_size,
> thread_cache_size, innodb_log_buffer_size, innodb_thread_concurrency..).
>  A 25G buffer pool on a 32G server with some of your other buffers being
> quite large is something you may need to look into too.
> - Morgan
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