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Re: checking for repetitive queries

pt-query-digest will help here. You can use a slow query log or tcpdump to
track what the application is asking of the db. The report provided by the
tool can be per db if you wish or the complete schema. It will provide a
summary of the collection and you'll see how often yo

On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 10:37 PM, Steve Quezadas <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I want to make sure my caching system is working properly and I want
> to make sure my mysql server isnt being held up by repetitive queries
> (ie like the side "products table" that appears on every web page).
> I'm pretty sure I cached the site pretty well, but want to make sure
> that I didn't miss anything.
> Is there some sort of tool that allows me to check for repetitive queries?
> - Steve
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