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Re: SUPER privilege required for simple update

It's there an update trigger defined on the table? It could be doing
something that requires the super privilege.
On May 9, 2015 3:12 AM, "Peter Abplanalp" <pabplanalp@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> hello,
> I have a replication client where replication stopped because mysql said
> that the SUPER privilege was required for an update statement.  I tried
> running the same update under a normal user and it also failed saying the
> SUPER privilege was required.  I thought the SUPER privilege was only
> necessary for admin tasks.  Why is it being required for a simple table
> update statement?
> Interestingly, I am able to insert a new row into the table; however, i get
> the same error when i then try to update the new row.  I have restarted
> mysql hoping that might fix the issue, no luck.  i've also checked the file
> permissions on table files on the file system and they are all owned by the
> same user which is running mysql.  I've tried to create another test table
> and was successful and could also insert and update that table with no
> issues.  I am also able to insert and update other tables but I have not
> tried them all.
> I am at a loss.  Any and all help appreciated.
> thanks,
> -peter