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Select one value, not the other

On 2015-04-29 12:20 AM, Olivier Nicole wrote:
SELECT * FROM table WHERE item_number=1;
Sorry if my question was not clear: what I am looking for is:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE data_value=1 AND "there is not any reccord with
the same item_number and data_value=2"

Assuming a table named t ...

One way, an exclusion join:

select a.*
from t a
left join t b on a.item_number=b.item_number and b.data_value=2
where a.data_value=1 and b.item_number is null;

Another way, with a semi-join:

select a.*
from t a
where a.data_value=1
and not exists (select data_value from t b where b.item_number=a.item_number and data_value=2);



On Wed, April 29, 2015 06:30, Olivier Nicole wrote:

I am sure that it is feasible with MySQl, and I am sure that's a newbie
question, but my SQL skills are limited...

I have a table where each record is made of one item_number and one

If one item has several values, there are several records with the same
item_number and a different data_value.

What is the command to select all the records where an item_number has
the data 1 but not the data 2?

Thanks in advance,

Mogens Melander
+66 8701 33224

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