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Re: Issue with timestamp columns while working with MySQL load data in file

On 2015/04/12 08:52, Pothanaboyina Trimurthy wrote:
The problem is , as mentioned the load data is taking around 2 hours, I
have 2 timestamp columns for one column I am passing the input through load
data, and for the column "DB_MODIFIED_DATETIME" no input is provided, At
the end of the load data I could see only one timestamp value for both the
columns, though the load data takes 2 hours to load the data.

Can any one explain how exactly the load data infile works, and why only a
single timestamp is inserting for all 1 million records though the load
data taking around 2 hours.

Look up function SYSDATE: all other times & timestamps are kept in step, beginning at the time when the transaction begins. Your described effect is intended.

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