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Slow Query


I have weird issue about slow query log on mysql server version 5.1.73-log.
I use for freeradius backend, from freeradius milist say that my problem
related to slow query on mysql.
I try to know what kind of slow query that caused my issue with following
options on my.cnf :


But no query appears on that log at all.
Is there any missing configuration that i missed ?
This is what i got with mytop :

MySQL on localhost (5.1.73-log)

  up 0+04:52:06 [14:38:15]

 Queries: 95.9k  qps:    6 Slow:   348.0         Se/In/Up/De(%):

             qps now:    4 Slow qps: 0.0  Threads:   21 (   1/   0)

 Cache Hits: 25.2k Hits/s:  1.5 Hits now:   1.8  Ratio: 70.0% Ratio now:

 Key Efficiency: 100.0%  Bps in/out: 697.3/ 1.3k   Now in/out: 482.9/ 2.6k

Thank you in advanced


Franky Yu