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Re: time stamp specific to columns

On 2015/04/08 11:42, Andrew Wallace wrote:
I think you'd have to do that with a trigger.

Yes, one can do that with a trigger, but it is a real pain. MySQL now allows
	(new.a,new.b,new.c,new.d) <> (old.a,old.b,old.c,old.d)
but one needs to beware of NULL. Maybe it is better to split off the timestampy part to another table, and join them when needed.

On 4/8/15 6:36 AM, Martin Mueller wrote:
I understand how a timestamp column automatically changes when there is a
change in a data row. Is it possible to limit the update to changes in
particular columns? I have a table where I care about changes in any of
four different columns, but I don¹t care about changes in other
columns or
added columns.

Is there a command that says ³update the time stamp if and only if there
is a change in columns a, b,c, or d"

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