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Re: store search result as new table in memory

W dniu 07.04.2015 o 22:12, Rajeev Prasad pisze:
1million plus row in a table.
user runs a search, gets some results.

MySQL comes with query-cache, once you run your SELECT statement the results are kept in memory. Try it by running big query and then rerun it, the second time it will take miliseconds to complete.

  I want to store this result in memory in a way, so that user can fire more SQL searches on this result. How is this done? I want this to go atleast upto 20 levels down.
in addition, lets say when I am 4th level down, can I have the previous levels intact for making fresh searches on them?
I also want to store some queries, which produce level X result, in a manner that it speeds the process in future (user do not have to make multiple searches to get to the result)

I don't really understand the point of it, quering and later adding another WHERE statements would be OK. It all really depends on what are you writing your client in.

You can check out Memory engine in MySQL; it provides a way to create a proper MySQL struct (no blobs/big text) that is stored in server's memory.

And if searching is really your bread and butter you can use MySQL as a storage engine that feeds into something like Elastic Search.

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