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longtext fields in a row


I'm fiddling wit a table where I put in a date field (datetime, also key) and some integer fields (8 of them mostly 14 long) and some longtext fields (16 of them).

The longtext fields are filled with some statistics I generate complete with HTML around, something like this: <td>12.925.965</td> but than bigger, but mostly smaller than 1 Mb.

This row is initially created by filling the first 10 fields (datetime, the integer and the 1st longtext) and than updated each and every time the next longtext value available is.

However this is ok up to the 10th longtext field and than it stops. The next longtext operations runs ok, no errormessages etc. but the longtext field itself remains empty.

Up to now I have no clue about my wrongdoings, so do you have any suggestions?

Is there a max of longtext fields in 1 row?
Is there a max of longtext size in 1 row?

Other idea's?

Thanks in advance for any advice, best regards, Schimanski.

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