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questions about timestamps and DST

I have a column that was a timestamp type. I was inserting rows using
NOW(). When we switched to DST and the hour from 2am to 3am was
non-existent I of course had no data for that hour. For reasons I
don't need to go into, that missing hour caused problems downstream.
To prevent this from happening next year I changed the insert to use
UTC_TIMESTAMP() and I wanted to fill in data for that missing hour.
But no matter what I do it will not let me insert values for that hour
- it gives me an 'Invalid TIMESTAMP value' warning" and inserts a row
with a time of 3:00 for any time in that hour I give. This makes me
think that I have not actually solved the problem for next year (I
can't test this to know).

So my questions are:

1) How can I actually insert a timestamp value that will not be
affected by the time change and not have the missing hour?
2) Why is it not allowing me to insert UTC times for that missing
hour? How can I insert UTC values for that missing hour?


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