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Re: ssh basics

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> From: "Lucio Chiappetti" <lucio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I may like a way to have a program (namely RSI IDL) to connect (bypassing
> the line mode mysql client) to the mysqld socket and issuing commands to
> it (essentially I want to issue a select into a table, and read back the
> output in an IDL structure) but I never managed to do it. But I did not
> try hard.

The unix socket, just like a tcp socket, is an appendage of the mysql daemon, and would thus require you to speak the mysql protocol. You can point the appropriate driver for your application to the socket file in roughly the same way as you point it to an ip/port combo (see the driver's documentation); or you can tell the commandline client to execute the query you want using the -e parameter, and optionally -b, -s or a number of others that modify the output format.

Sometimes the simplest things work best :-)

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