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Re: ssh basics

On Mon, 9 Mar 2015, Johan De Meersman wrote:

I'm interested in how ssh is used by MySQL.

SSH is not used by MySQL at all :-) SSH is a way of connecting to a remote machine. MySQL is a database. You can use SSH to do things with the database, but they're not intrinsically related.

True, howewer the OP might be interested knowing that I do continuously work on a mysql astronomical database on a different machine A (here on my institute LAN) from MY machine B just opening an xterm in which I ssh to such machine A, and then run the line-mode mysql client on such machine A.

We do not offer mysql client access to such database outside of our institute, and in general not even to machines in our institute. For that we have a java tomcat client which connects via JDBC to the database.

Since tomcat and mysqld run on the same machine A, we grant access only to a single user on localhost.

Conversely, I have some private databases on my machine B. While I maintain them locally with full access, I grant select access to an user on another machine C. In this case he runs the mysql client on C which connects to the mysqld on my machine B (actually he runs shell scripts which do it).

I guess all this very simple arrangements should cover the needs of the OP as they do for me.

I may like a way to have a program (namely RSI IDL) to connect (bypassing the line mode mysql client) to the mysqld socket and issuing commands to it (essentially I want to issue a select into a table, and read back the output in an IDL structure) but I never managed to do it. But I did not try hard.

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