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Re: ssh basics

On Mon, 09 Mar 2015 13:44:51 +0100, Johan De Meersman wrote:

>> Thank you for explaining that.
> I can't quite tell wether you're being sarcastic or not, so I'm going to
> give you the benefit of the doubt
> Can you explain what you're trying to accomplish, without referencing
> sites you've found or things you've tried? I think I have a fair idea,
> but I'd like to hear it in your own words.

I was being serious, I always appreciate a reply.  I know it was worded 
oddly, but, yes, just take it at face value, please.

I read multiple suggestions to connect with that approach, the -L switch, 
none of the blogs/etc I saw explained why.  I suppose they assume that 
you know why already so don't say.  It's possible I overlooked the 
context, but I don't think so.

In and of itself, I'm fine with ssh into the host and then using the mysql 
console.  Since I'm not running scripts, it's moot whether the connection 
is through mysql directly, if that's the correct terminology, or just 
regular ssh.

I'm interested in how ssh is used by MySQL.  While I have a pdf book on 
ssh, I don't, at the moment, have the time to just sit down and read it 
cover to cover. 

In the longer term, I'm considering whether or not to backup a small db, 
with cron, master/slave, or replicate it -- or something else.  I need to 
do some reading on that.  I've always done fine with just using mysqldump, 
but will probably need some additional tools to use.

I can't really foresee much admin, many scripts to run against the db, 
but I suppose there's always something.

Yes, I'm still figuring out the mechanics of ssh.  It was more of a ssh 
question than a MySQL question, fair enough, pardon about that, but was 
within the specific context of MySQL.


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