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Re: ssh basics

On Sun, 08 Mar 2015 00:20:26 +0000, Thufir wrote:

> I mean, I can ssh into tleilax and then fire up the MySQL console.  Is
> there a better approach?

This just hangs:

thufir@doge:~$ mysql -u cron -h -p
Enter password: 


because, I think, I disabled password based authentication (as I recall, 
I haven't been on the system in a bit).  In any event, it's good that it 
hangs.  MySQL log:

150223  7:35:24 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Shutdown complete

150223 07:35:24 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /var/run/mysql/mysqld.pid 
150307 18:38:27 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /
150307 18:38:32 [Warning] The syntax '--log-slow-queries' is deprecated 
and will be removed in a future release. Please use '--slow-query-log'/'--
slow-query-log-file' instead.
150307 18:38:33 [Warning] Using unique option prefix myisam_recover 
instead of myisam-recover-options is deprecated and will be removed in a 
future release. Please use the full name instead.
150307 18:38:33 InnoDB: The InnoDB memory heap is disabled
150307 18:38:33 InnoDB: Mutexes and rw_locks use GCC atomic builtins
150307 18:38:33 InnoDB: Compressed tables use zlib 1.2.8
150307 18:38:33 InnoDB: Using Linux native AIO
150307 18:38:33 InnoDB: Initializing buffer pool, size = 128.0M
150307 18:38:33 InnoDB: Completed initialization of buffer pool
150307 18:38:33 InnoDB: highest supported file format is Barracuda.
150307 18:38:33  InnoDB: Waiting for the background threads to start
150307 18:38:34 Percona XtraDB (http://www.percona.com) 5.5.33-
MariaDB-31.1 started; log sequence number 1597945
150307 18:38:34 [Note] Server socket created on IP: ''.
150307 18:38:34 [Warning] 'user' entry 'root@linux-k7qk' ignored in --
skip-name-resolve mode.
150307 18:38:34 [Warning] 'user' entry '@linux-k7qk' ignored in --skip-
name-resolve mode.
150307 18:38:34 [Warning] 'proxies_priv' entry '@ root@linux-k7qk' 
ignored in --skip-name-resolve mode.
150307 18:38:34 [Note] Event Scheduler: Loaded 0 events
150307 18:38:34 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: ready for connections.
Version: '5.5.33-MariaDB-log'  socket: '/var/run/mysql/mysql.sock'  port: 
3306  openSUSE package



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