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ssh basics

I want to ssh into Mysql, something like:

thufir@doge:~$ ssh -L 3306:localhost:3306 thufir@
bind: Address already in use
Last login: Sat Mar  7 19:18:20 2015 from
Thank you for installing ViciBox Server v.6.0!
This software is available for free download at
http://www.vicibox.com. If you paid for this 
software you have been ripped off. Please report
any fraud or abuses of this software to 
abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx. Please report any bugs on 
the forum at http://www.vicidial.org

To configure the LAN settings type:
yast lan

To change the server IP in the database type:

Official paid-for ViciDial support is available at 

Free community-based ViciDial Support is available
at http://www.vicidial.org/VICIDIALforum

- ViciBox Redux v.6.0.3-141118

I'm on doge and connecting to tleilax.

I was looking at a few things, like:


I mean, I can ssh into tleilax and then fire up the MySQL console.  Is 
there a better approach?



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