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Re: Users and Groups

On Sun, 1 Mar 2015, Reindl Harald wrote:
Am 01.03.2015 um 20:07 schrieb Steffan A. Cline:

Has anyone seen a plugin for MySQL that will allow you to set up users and
groups for access

but it has all features for privileges like for tables, views and even colums, you can even restrict the access of a colum of a view to a user and make a difference if that same user comes from ip-address A or ip-address B

When several years ago a colleague here set up the user interface for an astronomical database (originally using servlets now with Tomcat, and anyhow accessing mysql in JDBC) he considered the internal mysql privilege system, and for some reasons decided not to use it.

He wrote an additional layer inside our java front end. We have "workspaces", each workspace can access a number of advertised tables, and view advertised columns (but other columns remain accessible if called by name). Users belong to one (or more workspaces) and specify it when logging in our system. All workspaces have readonly access (we do not consider user-writable tables). Our java engine communicates with mysql as a single user.

This way we do not have to care about granting access to the mysql server to external hosts.

Anyhow I presume that playing around with the grants and privileges tables, one could find a way to write a template set of privileges for a "typical user" and replicate it for all users of same "logical group"

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