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Re: Merging multiple SQL requests

...it sounds to me like you're trying to figure out the small things when there's probably an elephant standing around somewhere :-)

You can quickly see if your network is troublesome using:
 * traceroute
 * ping
 * network copy (ssh/nfs/samba/whatever) of a large file

Usually, however, it's not the network :-)

Open up a console on your server and run dstat, see what resources are being taxed. Turn on the slowlog at 1s (or even 0s) and use pt-query-digest to figure out what queries are slow. Profile your application to see which bit takes longest to execute.

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> Subject: Re: Merging multiple SQL requests

> I meant that can MySQL server combine multiple responses for a client
> and send a single TCP packet back to the client.
> But based on your response, I don't think that is possible - please correct?
> Are there are any gothas to debug/investigate MySQL latency? I have
> checked TCP tunables, kernel timer ticks etc. Is there anything else
> to watch out for..pointers would be appreciated.
> Thanks

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