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localhost != localhost?

I have an annoying problem that I've worked around, but I would like to fix it the "right" way.

This is under MacOS X Server 10.6.latest.

I just replaced the ancient (<5) version of MySQL that came with that server to MariaDB 10.1, via MacPorts. (That was an interesting three-day exercise in itself, but it's finally working.) As part of doing that, the location of the mysqld socket changed, but I changed that in /etc/my.conf and in /etc/php.ini, in three places. I Read The Fine Manual, and I know that to MySQL, "localhost" actually means "socket," rather than So I changed /etc/my.cnf and /etc/php.ini (three places) to refer to the new socket location. I re-started mysqld and apache

However, the moniker "localhost" isn't behaving as expected in two php applications, but working properly in a third.

It works without change in phpMyAdmin, but does not work in MediaWiki nor in a home-brew php application.

I realize there are several different MySQL libraries in php. I changed three different locations in /etc/php.ini.

I'm working around this by changing "localhost" to "localhost:/path/to/mysqld/socket" but that seems... distasteful somehow, and I don't want to struggle with it again if I install some other MySQL applications.

I also considered symlinking /opt/local/var/run/mariadb-10.1/mysqld.sock to wherever the heck Apple had it before, but that also seems like a wrong fix.

Any thoughts on why "localhost" is behaving this way, and ways to get it to behave in the normal manner?

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