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Re: Fresh install of MySQL 5.6.23 fails to start on CentOS 7.0

Am 13.02.2015 um 00:35 schrieb Bruce Ferrell:
Well Mr Harald, I admit... It's not an "out of the box" behaviour put there by Oracle/MySQL.  But it IS a behaviour introduced by distribution packagers and and it's only invoked
the first time the db is start is attempted AND there is no basic db in place.  mysql_install_db actually won't run without being forced on an installed system.

Folks have come to expect it and it IS handy ("when I tell MySQL to start, it just works, even if it's never been run before").  Isn't that the entire idea behind all of the
freedesktop junk... Things "just work"?  Except when they don't.

if you setup a *server* you have to configure the *server*
if you don't mind to run a simple command don't setup a *server*

honestly see all the damage left and right caused by servers (mail, web, adatabase...) by trained monkeys i whish there would be a ton of more barriers to at least require *some thougts* besides "fine, i have no clue but it seems to work somehow for whatever reason"

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