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Re: Latency question - #of connections

Learner Study <learner.study@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Setup:
> MySQL 5.6.16 + thread pool extensions running on 3.18 kernel
> Two sysbench clients running from different PCs with total of 14k
> connections, each connection doing 2 select queries per sec.
> When I specify 7k connections from each client, sysbench shows latency
> of .3 msec (for both sides)
> If I run with 13k from one client and 1k from the other, latency comes
> to .6 msec (for both sides)
> I get that we are load balancing with 7k so latency improves but any
> ideas which part of MySQL server I should profile to see which area is
> messing it up with 13k+1k connection split- could it be poll() call?
> Or some other kernel area?

does perf show any interesting difference between the two setups?

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