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Re: Upgrading How To

Am 26.12.2014 um 20:52 schrieb Grant Peel:
Shawn & all,

Thank you for taking to time to reply.

So, to be clear, what I understand from your post is that replacing the
new build's grant/system tables with the archived ones from the previous
version, generally works fine, upgrade issues not withstanding. This is the
answer I was hoping for.

FWIW, I have already tested using some sample databases from the old
version to the new one. Also, I'm not sure I mentioned, but I am moving from
5.1.39 to 5.6.17. I have already ran into the password hash issues on a
number of tables, but, other than that things seem fine.

that should be in general fine, i would recommend a scipted "optimize table" for any tables on the old machine before starting for two reasons

* the data to transfer will be smaller
* all old tables will be for sure rebuilt and not in 5.0 format

the rsync works also fine with a USB stick, ext4 format preferred because owner / permissions, but that can be fixed easily in any case on the new machine per chmod / chown

the only difference in your case is that you have a larger downtime

if the hot rsync followed by a cold one with a USB stick as destination is noticeable faster needs to be tested, maybe have a empty datadir on the destination and transfer all data is faster then the checksumming

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