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Re: Upgrading How To

Am 25.12.2014 um 16:01 schrieb Grant Peel:
I was wondering if anyone knows of a concise tutorial on how to upgrade (by
moving from one box (old) to another box (new) mysql in a virtual
environment (many mysql users, many databases).

Mysql 5.x setup on freebsd 8.x (x86/32b), call this box A.

Want to move to a new box:

 Mysql 5.6.17 on freebsd 9.3 (x86/32b) call this box B.

* setup the new box
* stop mysqld on the old
* rsync /var/lib/mysqld to the new one
* start mysql on the new one
* mysql_upgrade -u root -p
* enter root pwd
* done

to keep downtime as low as possible rsync one or two times *hot* without stop mysqld on the old machine so the last rsync only transfer diffs - doing that for 12 years now from MySQl 3.x to 5.5 between Windows, MacOSX and Linux systems in all directions

rsync params:
--force --delete-after -tPrlpogEAX

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